Although each of the partners coaches in their own particular way, there are however a number of shared principles common to each of them:

  • At the initial meeting we discuss the person’s needs and what they hope to realise during the coaching period, so that both parties (the client and the coach) can determine whether the coach and the elected course are right for the client and whether they wish to work together.
  • In some situations a three-way discussion ensues, albeit with the same objective, where the initial contact person or the coachee’s manager joins in, supplying another viewpoint of what that person’s needs might be in his specific situation.
  • Being goal-oriented is high up on our agenda which is why we would rather agree on a shorter lasting course and for instance after some six sessions evaluate if or what is necessary for the future;
  • We are always attentive to the context in which the client takes certain steps, in order to ensure that he/she never loses track of reality during the course.
  • The method of working strongly depends on the demand, the theme and on the person concerned, and is very situation dependent. The coach also ensures that the client remains focused throughout on his development process, always taking into consideration the client’s own limits and possibilities and the situation in which he/she finds themself.
  • The client is responsible for setting down his needs, the relative information and what he/she does with the conclusions and the result of the coaching. The client has the final say as to what depths the training will go.
  • Between the sessions the client is often given "homework". We look at the coaching sessions as a series of inputs leading to better purposefulness in the workplace, more in line with the personal qualities and an improved way of functioning..
  • Coaching is of course voluntary, the client has to be conscious of the fact that they can function (still) better afterwards, have to have the desire to invest time in it, and they have to have room within their context to experiment.
  • Naturally the contents of such a session are confidential.