Again ‘Meet and Greet’ by video conference and live


Joske Diesfeldt and Johann Wuestenberg of the Association for Organization Development were again invited on April 25 2014 to participate in a “Meet and Greet” by video conference. Organizer was the International Graduate Level Program in Organizational Development and Change of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. Because the video conference was highly appreciated by both parties, and was experienced as very instructive, we decided to organize the video conference for each class. Purpose of the video conference is, as our colleague and lecturer Jaime Amsel so beautiful formulates: “to have an informal meeting between promising students and seasoned consultants, so the expertise of the later can be inquired by the former”.

In addition, Joske and Johann conducted live in January 2016 a master class in the International Master´s Program in Organizational Behavior and Consulting and a master class "Personal Consultation to managers" for the students of the last year of the Master program of the Hertzelia´s Interdisciplinary Center (IDC).

The students of the “Meet and Greet” by video conference in April 2014 formed, just like the students of the live international master class in 2016, again a very diverse group, coming from different countries. We determined the themes to address, in consultation with the students and their lecturer Jaime Amsel (organizational psychologist, lecturer for the Organizational Development course): developments in the field of O.D.; the differences, according to us, in the position of consultants and their practice, between Israel, Europe and the US; what does our profession demands from us; how we are working in our profession; our approaches and of course examples from our own practice.

In the master class "Personal Consultation to managers" of Dr. Rita Aloni, for the students of the last year of the Master program, the questions were mainly practice and process oriented: examples of our relationships with our clients, how to deal with the closing and ending of a "consulting" relationship, how to deal with emotions in the relationship, suggestions for the starting consultant, how we once started in the field of consultancy and why our customers chose for us.

By the preparations with Jaime Amsel and Rita Aloni we were able, in both master classes and during the video conference 'Meet and Greet', to be in line with the interests of the students and to work effectively with these inquisitive and critical students. We enjoyed, being invited by their prompted questions, to reflect on our profession and on how we are bringing this into practice. We are also proud of how the students were delighted with our presentation and summarized it with phrases like: "the presentation was superb, inspiring, engaging, great to see such a good pair or professionals, educational, awesome and easy to relate."

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