The Power of Metaphors to Transform Teams by John Brooker


How metaphors can help you to think more creatively when working with teams

In recent years and on countless places Joske Diesfeldt and Johann Wuestenberg of the Association for Organization Development (AOO) have conducted workshops on the use of metaphors and the art of storytelling. And as it goes with so many skills: it gets more enjoyable as you practice more. And storytelling is a pleasant adventure ...
Consultants, managers and coaches use increasingly metaphors as an intervention in their work. They do this partly in a conscious way, often intuitive. People who can work with metaphors, use this methodology on the one hand because the story telling increases their effectiveness as a consultant, manager or coach, on the other hand because they create in this way opportunities for development of their clients, their colleagues, their employees, their coaches and of themselves.

The alumni of our workshop ‘Influencing More Effectively ’ sure will remember that we distinguish between metaphors and analogies, including the different effects when using on one hand a metaphor and, on the other hand an analogy.

In the following article by John Brooker this distinction is not made, he cites the following quote: “METAPHOR; SIMILE; ANALOGY? There are other linguistic devices in the English language similar to metaphor, analogy and synonym being two. Although the theorists make distinction between these, in practical terms it can be useful if you do not get too concerned with correct usage as this poem explains: Metaphor and simile Like peas in a pod, at least to me. We can argue, their similarity, But let’s not stoop to analogy. Just use these tools as ways to see, Your challenge more creatively.

In his article, John learns us in particular how metaphors help shape your thinking and the thinking of others and how you can use them in practical ways in work and workshops.

Please download here the PDF article here: The Power of Metaphors to Transform Teams

About the author:

John Brooker has been using Solution Focus with multicultural teams since 2004, working throughout the Middle East, Africa and Western and Eastern Europe, as well as China and the USA. As an international meeting facilitator he specializes in coaching teams to transform themselves and the organization. From 1998 to 2013 he was a tutor for the Open University Business School’s Master’s level module tutoring MBA students on creativity and change. John is a Board member of the International Association for Quality Development of SF Consulting and Training (SFCT).