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Intensive workshop with the Russian consulting firm TMC in Riga

Joske Diesfeldt and Johann Wuestenberg conducted an intensive workshop with the Russian consulting firm TMC (TOP Management Consult) in the Latvian capital Riga.
Top Management Consult has been working for 16 years in management consulting. We consider TMC as fairly unique in the Russian market of consulting services. They are innovative and make themselves responsible, together with their client, for the results and implementation in practice of the recommendations in the client’s organization. TMC works for large and medium-sized companies from various sectors.

The CEO of the consulting firm, Zosia Gerchikova, call on us regularly as advisors for their internal organisation, executive coaching, training and mentoring of the consultants. Zosia has established TMC again and initiated a new method with new colleagues and employees.

This time the question was to provide an education in ‘Group dynamics', 'Dealing with difficult clients' and 'Complicated situations with top managers'. The need was with topics like: how to get a group going, to detect problems in a group earlier, to change the emotional state of the group, manage aggression in a group and conflicts, how to deal with negative emotions, passive group members, how to become a trusted consultant and partner for top managers, how to address top managers about their responsibilities and how to conduct complex negotiations.

Working with these themes was also the guide for creating a solid team. Being informed about each other's way of working, being able to support each other and the sharing of ideas is not so evident. The consultants often don’t see each other for an extended period of time, because they are working with their clients, in the vast Russia, on different and far away locations.

It was a fascinating, inspirational workshop that has led to a deepening of the cooperation. The consultants went, through the input and exchange of the different approaches, better equipped back to their working field

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