Many of the Association’s consultancy assignments deal with complex processes within organisations in which different parties are involved. For instance this concerns more especially:
  • A change in culture
    The organisation turning towards a more businesslike contractual relationship, working more client oriented, repositioning and enlargement of the effectiveness of (staff) services and other parts of the organisation.
  • Team development
    Development of a vision on the desired future situation, strategy development, reorientation, processing elements from the past and placing them in the present context, solving conflicts, mediation and improvement of internal and external communication.
  • Strategy and guidance during changes
    Design of change and implementation processes, consultancy concerning change strategy and guiding implementation, interventions aimed at the mobilisation of internal support, coaching of change managers and steer groups, work conferences with steering teams.
  • Intercultural
    Consulting and evaluating during the carrying out of intercultural policy, international operating of managers, consultants and teams in what for them appear to be strange and sometimes contradictory cultures
  • Executive and team coaching
    Coaching chief executives, managers and teams, shadow consultancy shadow consultancy, coaching professionals during processes of change, in critical stages, in heavy weather and in searching for further development. We have a wide range of clients who come both from the commercial sector as well as the civil authority and non-profit sector, small and large organisations, international and domestic. Internal and external consultancy agencies also make up our list of clients.