One of the partners of the Association for Organisation Development acts as contact person for the client. He or she handles the contracting, is the ‘chief consultant’ and is ultimately responsible for seeing the assignment to its successful conclusion. The partner approaches colleagues from the network whenever they can make a valuable contribution to the project. This makes for an efficient team.

When our consultancy services are called upon, we lay stress on:

  • careful contracting to ensure optimal team up with the client wishes, that what he or she expects from us is completely clear, and that realistic results are defined which he and we can target.
  • developing movement, space and perspective through interventions that – often simultaneously – can affect different levels within an organisation.
  • creating a balance in the complex influencing relationships within the client network ànd in the relationship with us as their consultant with equality as core value.
  • working out solutions together in interactive working methods or allowing the client to develop them, instead of falling back on ready made, irrefutable prescriptions.